Faraji Toure'

Speaker . Author . Writer
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Faraji Toure’ means consolation, to console or to heal, and as a strategist, consultant, speaker, radio personality and community builder, it is my purpose to work with professionals, entrepreneurs, aspiring authors and individuals to help them pursue work or to work  in an area that they are passionate about, create lives that make the world a better place, and to console and heal those dealing with brokenness in their lives by strategically helping them to navigate through life.  This is done through my books, personal mentoring, business consulting, co-authorship and speaking engagements.   

Your Strategist and Writing Guide

Being a strategist the last 15 years, I’ve learned when you grow personally, you create a greater capacity to make a positive impact in the world. A part of growing is being able to tap into your higher mind and higher consciousness, and I have the innate ability to help you trust your own voice and instincts.  To stop depending on the voices and beliefs of others, and to be able to trust your higher mind.  A part of the process is to help you to open up your creative mind, that will allow you to tell your own story, in your own voice.  Helping you to become authentic to who you are, and what you are purposed to do. 

As your strategist and coach, I will assist you in strategizing key elements in your life, career, or in your writing. Helping you to strategize a plain to work more efficiently, making additional time for you to concentrate on the most important task -- building trusting relationships, becoming a creative writer, and furthering your career or business beyond your expectations.


There are two charges that I received from my beloved father (1) read any and all material that touches my hands, and (2) experience everything that life has to offer.  As your strategist, I will challenge and charge you to read any and all materials, so you have the ability to be consciously aware and I will charge you to experience everything that life has to offer by pursuing your goals, writing your story, and strategizing your life, business or career.  Are you ready?  Take action now, and lets start higher living in our conscious minds.